Delegation Request Form

Public question for councilAppearing Before Council as a Delegation

• Council meetings are held most Tuesdays. Please refer to the calendar for the dates.

• There is a limit of three delegations per meeting; therefore, we advise that delegations book well in advance of the desired date.

• Delegations are heard at 3:00 pm at Regular Council Meetings. There is also an opportunity to book a delegation in the evening, after a scheduled 7:00 pm Public Hearing; some restrictions apply.

• Delegations are permitted ten (10) minutes for their presentation. Council may ask questions after the presentation for clarification.

• In order to schedule a date to appear before Council, delegations must provide the information on the attached form. This information will be included in the agenda. The provision of this information clarifies the purpose of the delegation for Council and allows Council Members to become familiar with your topic and obtain any necessary background information.

• Your address will be included with your delegation information and circulated to Council; if you do not wish your address to be included in the public agenda, please advise Legislative Services.