Sidewalk Construction Progress Report



Plans for Week of November 6-9:  Complete the pouring between Pedler and Bacon Street that was delayed by last week's rain.  Construct  forms between Bacon Street and old Post Office.  Concrete may be laid if time and weather permit.

To July 4th:  Sidewalks laid from First to Pedler.  Finish up at corners still remains.  Project is about 5% complete.

Grant Funding:  ARRA $138,548; STP-MM $102,100; Total $240,648

Contractor:  Forsythe Sisters Infrastructure  Contract amount: initial-$158,164;  $10,000 change to allow for 5' sidewalks to be funded by ARRA;  additional change required under ARRA regulations for testing of concrete at $430 per test (total to be determined).

Total payments made to date:  $0