Drinking Water System

City of Thorold Drinking Water Systems

 The City of Thorold purchases all of its treated water from the Regional Municipality of Niagara and is responsible for only the distribution of drinking water to users within the Urban Service Area of the City of Thorold.

The Regional Municipality of Niagara is responsible for source water protection, treatment, storage (in plant and system storage) and transmission (including booster stations) to the City’s drinking water distribution systems.

The City of Thorold owns and operates two (2) Large Drinking Water Distribution Systems.  The operation of these two (2) systems is delegated by the Thorold City Council (representing the Owner) to City staff. These two (2) systems are:

  1. The Thorold (Decew) Distribution System (No.220004313); and
  2. The Thorold (Port Robinson Area) Distribution System (No.260049582)

The City also has a third water distribution system – The R252 Thorold (South End) System (No.60049621). However, on February 18, 2009, this system became exempt from the requirements of Ontario Regulation 170/03 and 188/07 due to its very small size.  This system is now required to be in compliance with Ontario Regulation 318/08 monitored by the Region’s Public Health Department.

For more information regarding the City’s Water Distribution Systems contact the Operations Department:

Location: 1543 Beaverdams Road, Thorold, ON

Phone: 905 227-3535

Email: thoreng@thorold.com