City of Thorold Emergency Response Plan


In the event that an emergency is declared in the City of Thorold, The Corporation of the City of Thorold will follow the procedures detailed in the Corporation's Emergency Response Plan.

The citizens of Thorold will be informed of the event, measures being taken and protocol in accordance with the Emergency Response Plan.  It is necessary to note that, dependent on the type of event, relaying critical information to citizens may be a challenge.  The Corporation and Community Control Group will endeavor to release information as quickly and efficiently as possible with the resources available at the time of the event.

Emergencies are defined as situations or the threat of impending situations abnormally affecting property and health, safety, and welfare of the community, which by their nature or magnitude require a controlled and coordinated response by all agencies.  These are distinct from routine operations carried out by municipal agencies, e.g.: firefighting, police and works departments, etc.

Legislation entitled "Emergency Management Act, R,S,O 1990 c.E.9" short title "The Emergency Management Act" is the primary authority enabling passage of the by-law formulation this emergency plan which will govern the provision of necessary services during an emergency.  This plan also prescribes procedures under the manner in which municipal employees and other persons will respond to an emergency.


The aim of this plan is to make provisions for the extraordinary arrangements and measures that may need to be taken to safeguard the health, safety, welfare and property of the inhabitants of the City of Thorold when faced with an emergency.

Should you require the Emergency Response Plan in an alternate format, please contact the Clerk's Department.